Ecommerce Development Services

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with our

Business Analysis

We start with diving into your business to come up with the most rewarding ecommerce strategy.

Ecommerce Website Design and Redesign

Creating online stores first and foremost for people, we ensure compelling, user- and mobile-friendly web design.

UX Research & Design

With a customer pool being specific for each online store, we strengthen our ecommerce projects with deep UX research and relevant UX design to set the pace to further development.

Ecommerce Website Development

We leverage business insights and our technical competencies to develop ecommerce web solutions that pay off.

Key Functionality

We employ a range of techniques and tools to make an online store rank high in search engines: High performance, Well-planned structure, Content-rich pages, W3C valid markup, Meta tags, titles, clean and short URLs

Product Management

At Webfreakers, we believe in a targeted approach to every category. With a responsive and user-friendly design that performs well across all browsers, our ecommerce solutions enable you to:

Guarantee smooth navigation and effective search throughout the online store, Display products in different categories and variations, Create complex product types to enhance customer experience and boost sales, Use SEO-friendly product reviews, engaging images and videos to give customers a real feeling of the product, Develop targeted promotional campaigns for each product category by adding smart product parameters and discounts, Integrate an ecommerce website with the inventory management system to monitor product availability.

Customer Engagement

We leverage a range of techniques to turn your visitors into customers:

Content personalization based on retail analytics, Automated upselling and cross-selling systems that are coherent with your online store design, Loyalty programs to boost repeat sales, Optimized ad campaigns, Mobile ecommerce, Social media integration, Expanded online store functionality including multiple payment gateways, multilingual support, customer accounts and wish list.

Advanced Analytics

Using big data and visual reporting, we turn raw figures, such as the number of ecommerce website visits, product reviews or product purchases, into strategic insights. We create custom dashboards with segmented data reflecting behavioral aspects of different user types (new and returning, for example). Visual reports are exportable and easy to share.

Payment Options

We ensure your customers can choose from a set of options while making an online payment. By offering a choice, we eliminate the possibility of losing a customer who hasn’t found on an ecommerce website a payment option he or she is comfortable with.

Product Delivery

Our ecommerce websites provide for flexible shipping options from the leading carriers like FedEx, UPS and USPS. You can either establish flexible shipping rates or make delivery terms a part of promotional campaigns offering free shipping for particular items and price ranges.



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Semantic Use Of HTML

The advantage of writing semantic HTML to communicate. By adding semantic tags to your document, we provide additional information about the document, which helps in communication.

Clear Workflow

Prior of starting any project, we always arrange meeting with our workers to get a clear idea about the workflow and schedule the necessary to complete without delay.